Powerful, Specialized, Innovative

Unlike our competitors, we don’t mass produce or resell our devices. We design and build highly specialized products that fit your research needs. We will work with you to understand your research goals, provide you with the highest level of detail in our devices and make sure you obtain the powerful, useful data that you need.

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We discuss the ins and outs of the scope of your research with you to ensure that we meet the needs of the project completely.

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Our production team analyzes the requirements of your research project and comes up with a list of features that need to be incorporated into the equipment to produce relevant data.

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By starting with one of our existing product designs, we customize and optimize the equipment to meet your specific needs.

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Once we both agree that the designed apparatus is what you would need, our production team will manufacture the equipment for use in your lab.

The Right Products.
The Right Configuration.

Our team of engineers carefully and continually works to make sure that the products that we offer are the products that you need. When you partner with Omnitech Electronics, we’ll work with you to make sure that we understand your research goals and provide you with the devices and support that get you the data that you need every time. Our products will help you analyze the following parameters: recording and timestamping every cage event, measuring ambulatory activity, analyzing behaviors of subject animals like mice, and a lot more.

Professional and Personal Support

We pride ourselves on providing personalized support for our clients. Whether it’s a video tutorial on using the software, help with installation in your lab, or a phone call for tech support, we are here to help you get started quickly and to ensure your research goes smoothly.

The Omnitech Difference

Our job is to handle the hardware so you can focus on the research. Our standard products are the most reliable and versatile on the market and our ability to produce custom research equipment is unparalleled.